An Intergenerational & Interspiritual Destination for Deep Soul Work


The Soul Celebration Sanctuary & Healing Community allows people a respite from their everyday environment to help instigate transformation and facilitate Soul-Actualization. The mission of Soul Celebration is to guide those in transition toward transformation by connecting with Self, Source, and Sacred Purpose through spiritual counseling, Dying Well retreats, sacred community gatherings, healing arts & animal assisted therapy.


More than just a spiritual destination...


...Soul Celebration Sanctuary & Healing Community is a deeply healing and restorative space where life and death are honored as essential phases of the Soul Journey and the intrinsic value of every Soul is recognized. Transition is seen as a gift and a blessing, and death (whether of the ego self, the physical body or even an old way of being in the world) becomes a celebration of Soul.


Healing Arts


Engagement of the soul is a fully integrated experience. At Soul Celebration, creativity and healing arts are windows to deep soul connection & transformation. Through SoulCollage® workshops, Spirit Art activities, and Fiber Arts’ classes, you will activate intuition by tapping into the deep wisdom & guidance of the soul. SoulCollage® is a creative collage process in which you create your own deck of cards - each collage card representing one aspect of your personality or Soul. You can use the cards intuitively to answer life's questions & participate in self-discovery as well as connect on a deeper level to your true self. Learn more -->         


connect with the healing energy of alpacas

Alpacas are soul companions that accompany us on the spiritual journey… inviting us to embrace the sanctity of being. As we enter into relationship with our alpaca friends, we truly transform our soul experience from a solitary pursuit to inter-connectedness with all of creation. Alpacas and humans share a powerful bond that is ritualized and honored at Soul Celebration. Alpacas, originally from South America, are the expression of Pachamama- Mother of the Earth. As spiritual guides, alpacas show us how to get along with others and live peacefully in community. In collaboration with The Farm at Lotus Pond, you are welcomed to come spend time on this sacred land with these spiritual animals and participate in animal-assisted therapy and alpaca walks. Explore soul through connection with the spirit & nature of alpaca. Read more -->

Soul Midwifery

Connect with Self, source & sacred purpose

Perhaps like countless others- you feel disconnected from Self and from Source. And, in the midst, you may find yourself seeking and shifting from traditional models of religion to a new inter-spiritual way of being. Each of us yearns for purpose and meaning in our lives. The search for spiritual inter-connectedness invites the soul into a space where each individual is given permission to question, to explore, to come to know Self and the Divine in new ways. Through individual and group spiritual counseling, 1 on 1 Personal Retreats, and Group Workshops, the shy soul is coaxed, nurtured, and encouraged to give birth to its next phase of being. Book now -->

Dying Well Rereats


Death is an integral part of the cycle of the soul, yet too often we fear that which we do not understand. At Soul Celebration, we invite you to experience and embrace death & the unknown by celebrating and honoring life. Whether you have recently received a terminal diagnosis, are confronting older age, or coming to grips with an illness or death of a loved one, at Soul Celebration we mentor you through the process of dying. Shifting attention and resources from a post-death paradigm to a pre-death space, you can explore and celebrate the soul, understanding death as an alternate way of being. At our Dying Well Retreats, you will remember, ritualize, release, and rejoice by acknowledging this phase of the spiritual journey- the transition of your soul. Plan your retreat -->

Living it up in Martha's Vineyard


Our Sanctuary can accommodate families and groups of up to 30 individuals for weekends or weeklong retreats. There are several buildings on the property, including a Healing Arts facility where people can do hands-on spiritual work through Soul Collage, Spirit Art, Fiber Arts, and other modalities, as well as a private Hill House with ocean views in every room, a meditative lotus pond, pastures of alpacas, and other natural sensory delights...