Soul Celebration… 

… a sanctuary to reconnect and heal







Pause from the everyday and reconnect….

with yourself, nature, others & the sacred.

Whether you’re interested in making an animal connection through alpaca & donkey walks, engaging in spiritual counseling & conversation, attending a workshop or retreat, joining a community event, or  planning an upcoming ceremony, we welcome the opportunity to share our sanctuary and love of all things holy with you…. because celebrating the holy (in you, in me, in everyone and everything!) is who we are and what we do. We hope you’ll join us

At Soul Celebration Sanctuary you are invited to experience and honor the sacred in nature, in alpacas, in donkeys, in ducks

and in all created things and beings…

Fall in Love… with the animals, with nature, with the holy, with yourself

…all over again!

Visit us and be blessed…

Soul Celebration Sanctuary is a deeply peaceful, healing and restorative space. Offering both individual and group work, Soul Celebration supports others through transitional events and honors & celebrates the totality of life – both on and off the farm.

This is spiritual and sacred land. Rev. MB, the founder of Soul Celebration, feels she has been entrusted as guardian of the animals, the sanctuary, and the spiritual seekers who find their way here. Each one has a story, a sacred energy, a yearning to connect to something greater and more majestic than oneself.

Through immersion in nature, connection with our animal companions, walks, and workshops, you are invited to deepen your awareness of self and the interconnectedness of all life.





Animal Connection

Immersion in Nature

Our Retreat Center

The beauty and splendor of Martha’s Vineyard at your fingertips

Living it up in Martha’s Vineyard

Our Sanctuary can accommodate families and groups for workshops or retreats. There are several buildings on the property, including a Healing Arts facility where people can do hands-on spiritual work through Soul Collage, Spirit Art, Fiber Arts, and other modalities, as well as a meditative lotus pond, pastures of alpacas & donkeys, animal walks, and other natural sensory delights…

Soul Celebration Sanctuary

67 Hidden Village Rd

Vineyard Haven, MA 02568